Workers, employees both responsible to addressing job burnout, expert says

By Karen Dybis – June 13, 2019 The numbers don’t lie: Nationally and locally, employees of every level in business are feeling burned out. In a survey conducted by Robert Half in April, Detroit workers reported their level of burnout to be 6.51 on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being not at all […]

Understanding Michigan’s new Paid Medical Leave Act

By Karen Dybis – February 14, 2019 The Michigan Legislature recently enacted, and later amended, a new paid sick leave law – the first of its kind in the state. It goes into effect in March. The new law was enacted and amended in an unusual manner, which has led to much uncertainty and conflicting […]

Have A $900M Hole To Fill? Sales Taxes On Services Floated

With House Republicans proposing a rollback on the sales tax on gasoline as part of their road funding plan, schools and local governments are probably wondering how lawmakers would make up the roughly $900 million in revenue lost as a result. One potential source: Expand the state sales tax to services, which would yield $10.7 […]