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July 17, 2019 Update

As a reminder, President Trump signed an Executive Order in October of 2017 allowing what has come to be known as Pathway 2 Association Health Plans (AHP).  TranscendAHP follows the Pathway 2 regulations that allow sole proprietors and companies within a set geographic boundary to form an AHP.  Following the Executive Order, there were a […]

Understanding Michigan’s new Paid Medical Leave Act

By Karen Dybis – February 14, 2019 The Michigan Legislature recently enacted, and later amended, a new paid sick leave law – the first of its kind in the state. It goes into effect in March. The new law was enacted and amended in an unusual manner, which has led to much uncertainty and conflicting […]

College presidents celebrate three decades of partnership

By Carole Valade – June 6, 2019 The number of Michigan public colleges and universities creating shared relationships is increasing, a point made obvious by the posting of continuous updates by Michigan Association of State Universities from across the lower and upper peninsulas. But someone had to be first and that came in 1986 with […]

Ways to make your meetings more productive and meaningful

By Dave Ramsey – June 6, 2019 Do meetings at your company sometimes feel like a big waste of time? If yes, you’re not alone. More than 11 million formal meetings are held each day in America, and according to a survey by Microsoft, nearly three-quarters of the attendees feel those meetings are not productive. […]

`What should you do when the CEO ‘stays too long?’

By Rick Segal Professional athletes often extend their careers beyond their prime. Sometimes they even get to a point known as “punch drunk.” Maybe it’s because of money, celebrity, career goals, or nothing in the “what’s next” column. Regardless, supporters look at those athletes as playing too long to the detriment of their careers and […]