Expanded Online Sales Tax Moves Out Of House Committee For First Time

Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other major online retailers must collect Michigan sales tax from third-party retailers who sell goods and services off their websites to Michigan customers, under a four bill package that moved out of the House Tax Policy Committee Wednesday morning. The expansion of Michigan’s online sales tax law to include Mike’s Sporting […]

House Dems Funding Plan Pushes Pass-Through Parity Tax

House Democrats Thursday rolled out four alternative road funding bills that increase the 6% Corporate Income Tax another 2.5%, raise fees on heavy trucks and make pension income exempt from the income tax, and implements a flow-through parity tax of 4.25%. The four bills also create a Rhode Island-style bridge toll program for trucks, which fits […]

Nessel Pledges June Action On Line 5 If Gov Can’t Reach Deal

Attorney General Dana Nessel said in a series of interviews that she would take action to decommission Line 5 “in the month of June” if talks between Enbridge and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer don’t go anywhere. Nessel said that at the Governor’s request, she gave Whitmer and Enbridge time to work out a deal that could involve a […]